Look at the symmetry on this how many goats did this makeup artist have to sacrifice to get skills like this omg

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California beauty

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the white house released this video on sexual assault that actually targets men, telling them not to rape, rather than telling women not to be raped. please watch this.

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I have no days off this school semester and it’s very hard to get that overwhelming idea out of my head. I really don’t know how other people do this. I need to find some new way to balance out my life and make time for everything, Or almost everything-since I can’t fit much in to my schedule. -


i was at the vegan streetday in dortmund today and i ate so much there haha. we started our day with a vegan ‘kebab sandwich’ and had vegan waffles with cream afterwards. two hours later we got yummy icecream (i had peanut and chocolate and goooosh it was so good!). then i got myself a big piece of börek for dinner in my bus back home. all in all it was a really great (and yummy) day :)

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sunday feeling / august 2014

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My cousin is an artsy person and he couldn’t find a Groot figurine at the stores because they were all sold out. So, of course he decided to make his own. I am in shock and awe

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lavender sprig by Lisa Maurine.


Chrysanthemum and poppy for Amanda! Really a fun one.


Grass Planter Necklace

Keep a little bit of nature with you at all times. Preserved to ensure you don’t wear dead plants around your neck. Sold on Etsy.